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FLUIDDA at ERS2018 in Paris

For the next 5 days the FLUIDDA team will be present at the annual European Respiratory Society conference in Paris. We are looking forward to welcome you at booth 6 in block F. Here you can find out all the latest developments on how our Functional Respiratory Imaging solutions can assist in the development of therapies for patients suffering from lung diseases.

FRI and disease characterization: Idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis

A thorough understanding of a pharmaceutical company’s target disease is imperative when it wants to successfully develop and market its respiratory drug. Often, conventional lung function parameters lack the sensitivity and level of detail to fully capture a disease and this leads to very expensive developments in the respiratory field. This is especially the case in… Continue Reading

FRI deposition analysis: when a model becomes a measurement

In the previous blogpost the complexity of delivering inhaled drugs into the lung was discussed. It was shown that functional respiratory imaging is able to give an accurate measurement of the amount of drug reaching the lungs of patients with different respiratory diseases. The accuracy of functional respiratory imaging is not the result of some… Continue Reading