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A randomized study using FRI to characterize bronchodilator effects of glycopyrrolate formoterol fumarate delivered by a metered dose inhaler using co-suspension delivery technology in patients with COPD

2018 Aug 30;13:2673-2684.


De Backer W, De Backer J, Vos W, Verlinden I, Van Holsbeke C, Clukers J, Hajian B, Siddiqui S, Jenkins M, Reisner C, Martin UJ.

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Joint forces for Value Based Healthcare

We are proud to announce that we’ve signed a Memorandum of Understanding with Ciro to join forces to improve patient-care of COPD patients in the Netherlands. We both share the same vision around personalised medicine: customised to the patient with a Value Based Healthcare approach. Value-based healthcare is a healthcare delivery model in which providers,… Continue Reading

CIRO and FLUIDDA join forces in pursuit of better patient care

At the recent European Respiratory Society conference in Milan a collaboration between CIRO and FLUIDDA materialized in an effort to enhance the rehabilitation of COPD patients. The care of COPD patients is challenging due to the vast heterogeneity of the disease. Especially the severe COPD patients are often difficult to manage and require intensive care… Continue Reading