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Bronchial thermoplasty increases airway volume measured by Functional Respiratory Imaging (FRI)

In a  recently published study (click here for full article)10 patients with unstable, severe asthma were treated with bronchial thermoplasty of the left lung, while the right lung was used as an internal control. Changes in lung structure and function were assessed with Functional Respiratory Imaging (FRI).

Significant differences between the treatment and control lungs were observed for airway volume (27% and 17% at TLC and FRC, respectively) as well as for the change in airway volume between FRC and TLC (48% in treatment lung and 5% in control lung). This suggests that in addition to a static improvement in airway volume, treatment is associated with significant improvements in lung compliance. The differences in the ratio of distal airway volume to lung volume also reached significance. There was a trend towards correlation between the improvement in airway volume at TLC and improvement in symptoms. No effect was observed on airway wall thickness or air trapping.

Conclusions are that bronchial thermoplasty increases the luminal airway volume on the treated side compared to the control lung, and that FRI is a very useful technique to measure the effects of BT treatment.

FLUIDDA attends the International Conference of Medical imaging with Deep Learning

During July 8-10 the International Conference of Medical imaging with Deep Learning takes place in London. The FLUIDDA team, specialised in using advanced A.I. algorithms to extract clinically relevant regional information from medial images, will be present to keep track on the latest developments in this exciting field of research. Continue Reading

FLUIDDA will be present at the Annual Drug Discovery & Development Symposium on Pulmonary Vascular Disease

This year’s symposium will take place in Paris on July 1-2. Each year the meeting brings leading scientists in the fields of pulmonary vascular disease, right heart failure, and clinical trial designs together with the pharmaceutical industry and regulatory authorities to help identify the most promising treatments for future development.  Fluidda is actively involved in clinical… Continue Reading

Jan de Backer, CEO and founder of Fluidda, speaks about the partnership with Materialise at the ATS conference.

De Backer states: “We are very excited and proud to enter into this new phase of partnership with Materialise. We share the vision that the medical field, and particularly respiratory healthcare imaging needs to evolve towards personalized, precision medicine through a value-based healthcare approach. We are confident that advanced imaging techniques, such as our Functional… Continue Reading

Friday June 7: Presentation FLUIDDA on CFD and lung deposition at the ECFS 2019 conference in Liverpool

At the yearly conference of the European Cystic Fibrosis Society which takes place from June 5-8 in liverpool (UK), the CEO and founder of Fluidda, Jan de Backer, will present new data obtained bij Functional Respiratory imaging ( FRI) on deposition patterns of CF-medication in the lung, and it’s clinical impact. The presentation will take… Continue Reading

Jan de Backer, CEO and founder of Fluidda, explains the purpose of the FIGHT-project at the ATS conference.

FIGHT is a non-profit charity project which has been established together with FLUIDDA, focusing on research of the lung health of Californian firefighters. The key purpose of the charity is to examine lung diseases rooting from wildfire smoke exposure, investigate how these diseases can be detected earlier on, and determine how treatment protocols can be… Continue Reading

FRI can speed up development of novel treatments for COPD and other lung diseases.

At IRDD, May 30 in New York, Dr. De Backer will discuss the clinical relevance of understanding regional lung structure and function in the development of novel treatments for lung diseases. Functional Respiratory Imaging (FRI) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) can greatly facilitate the development of novel inhaled treatments for COPD and other lung diseases through… Continue Reading

CEO FLUIDDA appointed to Board of Directors of OSIC (Open Source Imaging Consortium)

Jan de Backer, CEO and founder of FLUIDDA, has been appointed to the Board of Directors of the new global non-profit organization OSIC (Open Source Imaging Consortium). The OSIC is a cooperative effort between academia, industry and philanthropy to enable rapid advances in the fight against Idiopathic Pulmonary Fibrosis (IPF) and other progressive interstitial lung… Continue Reading

Fluidda moderates workshop on GDPR during Outsourcing in Clinical Trials conference in Milan, May 15.

Esther Daemen, FLUIDDA’s  Quality and Training Officer and certified Data Protection Officer (DPO), will be representing us at the ‘Outsourcing in Clinical Trials’ Conference in Milan, May 14-15. She will be giving a presentation and hosting a discussion on the challenges related to the roll out of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) to develop… Continue Reading