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FRI technology used in PhD thesis on hyperinflation and COPD exacerbations

Last October, Wouter van Geffen, pulmonologist at the Medical Center Leeuwarden, The Netherlands, was awarded his PhD degree for this thesis titled: Hyperinflation and COPD exacerbations.

In chapter four of this dissertation, the heterogeneity of acute COPD exacebations was investigated using Functional Respiratory Imaging (FRI).

COPD exacerbations are a major burden to patients and yet little is understood about their heterogeneity. This contributes to a current persistent one-size-fits all treatment. New insights are required in order to replace this by more personalized, precision medicine. 

In this study, functional respiratory imaging proved to be a useful tool to get better insight into COPD exacerbations. Significant improvements in its indices can be demonstrated from the acute phase to resolution even in relatively small groups. FRI clearly visualized the marked variability in ventilation and resistance during exacerbations within and between individuals and it can also be used as a tool to assess the heterogeneity of COPD exacerbations.

CEO FLUIDDA now Member of advisory board Respiratory Innovation Summit (RIS)

Jan de Backer, MSc,PhD,MBA. CEO of FLUIDDA recently became member of the advisory board of the RIS. The Respiratory Innovation Summit unites the innovators, investors and clinicians who are leading the fight to create powerful new treatments for deadly and crippling diseases of the lungs and airways. Here you can find more information about the… Continue Reading

FLUIDDA moderates workshop on Functional Respiratory Imaging at the RDD 2019 congress, May 7-10, Estoril.

FLUIDDA moderates workshop on Functional Respiratory Imaging at the RDD 2019 congress, May 7-10, Estoril.

From May 7-10 the Respiratory Drug Delivery congress (RDD) will take place in Estoril, Portugal. This annual congress is focussed on the key-issues of developing inhaled therapies and novel inhalation devices for diseases of the upper- and lower airways. During this congress FLUIDDA N.V. organizes a workshop on Functional Respiratory Imaging (FRI), moderated by Cedric van… Continue Reading

FLUIDDA chairs a session on AI at the RIS in Dallas.

On Friday May 17, just before the start of the annual congress of the American Thoracic Society (ATS) in Dallas, the second meeting of the Respiratory Innovation summit (RIS) takes place. The RIS is intended to engage top investors, industry leaders and key opinion leaders to discuss key-topics in the translation of concepts to therapeutics,… Continue Reading

FLUIDDA chairs a session on AI at the RIS in Dallas.

Immunotherapy, lung tumors and blood vessels: what’s really happening?

In this case study we used the quantitative CT approach called Functional Respiratory Imaging (FRI) to assess the effect of immunotherapy on nodule volume and blood vessel volume. The female patient in this study was diagnosed with Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer (NSCLC) in the right upper lobe (RUL) and presented with no other respiratory disease. … Continue Reading

FLUIDDA at ERS2018 in Paris

For the next 5 days the FLUIDDA team will be present at the annual European Respiratory Society conference in Paris. We are looking forward to welcome you at booth 6 in block F. Here you can find out all the latest developments on how our Functional Respiratory Imaging solutions can assist in the development of… Continue Reading

FRI shows clinically meaningful benefits of Bevespi in COPD

We are happy to announce that a few days ago the positive results of AstraZeneca’s Bevespi (LABA/LAMA), compared to placebo have been published in the International Journal of COPD. The study shows how FRI confirmed the strong, homogeneous effect of the innovative co-suspension bronchodilator compared to placebo, as seen in earlier studies. At the same… Continue Reading

FRI and disease characterization: Idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis

A thorough understanding of a pharmaceutical company’s target disease is imperative when it wants to successfully develop and market its respiratory drug. Often, conventional lung function parameters lack the sensitivity and level of detail to fully capture a disease and this leads to very expensive developments in the respiratory field. This is especially the case in… Continue Reading

How is FRI a solution to your research question?

How is FRI a solution to your research question?

  We’ve said it before: the respiratory field is the most expensive one in the pharmaceutical world. The low sensitivity of several clinical biomarkers make it difficult for therapy developers to limit the size of their trails. Similarly, in the clinical domain, high costs occur among others from insensitive or difficult measurements, late detection of… Continue Reading