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ERS Congres 2017 presentation slides downloads

ERS Congres 2017 presentation slides downloads

As the European Respiratory Society Conference has finished, we would like to share the presentation slides and posters FLUIDDA has presented. Please download.

If you have any questions, please send us an email or ask a question on Twitter.


Sunday, September 10

Poster Discussions

Do dry powder inhalers (DPIs) have a ‘Goldilocks Zone’ of inhalation? In vitro lung deposition of Budesonide/Formoterol (BUD/FORM) DPI with different inhalation profiles | Pulmonary drug and devices delivery

Thematic Posters

Functional Respiratory Imaging demonstrates heterogeneous alterations in airway mechanics and airflow during bronchoconstriction | Imaging markers for COPD and asthma


Monday, September 11

Oral Presentations

Late Breaking Abstract – Functional Respiratory Imaging (FRI) and machine learning to predict organ rejection shortly after lung transplantation | The ongoing struggle: insights into chronic lung allograft dysfunction (CLAD)

Late Breaking Abstract – Assessment of disease progression in IPF patients using Functional Respiratory Imaging (FRI) | IPF: clinical problems

Thematic Posters

Quantitative Functional Respiratory Imaging may predict the mechanism of FEV1 Decline after Lung Transplantation | Lung transplant outcomes

Late Breaking Abstract – Responder phenotyping using Functional Respiratory Imaging (FRI) in IPF patients treated with anti-CGTG monoclonal antibody FG3019 | Late-breaking findings in pulmonary diseases


Tuesday, September 12

Oral Presentations

Late Breaking Abstract – Functional Respiratory Imaging (FRI) and lung function assessment of glycopyrronium/formoterol fumarate dihydrate fixed-dose combination delivered using novel Co-Suspension Delivery Technology (GFF MDI) in COPD | Novel studies on bronchodilators and cough

Long term effects of noninvasive ventilation in hypercapnic COPD patients | New insights in chronic respiratory failure

Thematic Posters

Evaluation of inhalant deposition of ICS/LABA in the peripheral airway of asthma patients using Functional Respiratory Imaging (FRI) | Evolution or revolution in the treatment of asthma and allergies

CIRO and FLUIDDA join forces in pursuit of better patient care

At the recent European Respiratory Society conference in Milan a collaboration between CIRO and FLUIDDA materialized in an effort to enhance the rehabilitation of COPD patients. The care of COPD patients is challenging due to the vast heterogeneity of the disease. Especially the severe COPD patients are often difficult to manage and require intensive care… Continue Reading

FLUIDDA’s FRI Technology was used in a Positive Phase II Trial with iNOpulse® for Treatment of Pulmonary Hypertension (PH) Associated with Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD)

“Functional Respiratory Imaging (FRI) provided valuable insights throughout the development process of iNO in COPD patients with PH. The therapy was effective in the initial studies and has great potential to improve the lives of these severely affected patients” Dr. J. De Backer, CEO FLUIDDA   Changes in Blood Vessel Volume determined using Functional Respiratory… Continue Reading

“In de Pneumologie willen we de standaard worden”

“Wat heeft een ruimtevaartingenieur te maken met onze longen? Veel, zo blijkt in het geval van Jan De Backer, CEO van FLUIDDA. Hij ontwikkelde de revolutionaire FRI-technologie die farmareus GSK in januari van dit jaar nog tot superlatieven en loftuitingen verleidde. FLUIDDA groeit momenteel exponentieel en heeft nog grootse plannen.” Lees het volledige artikel in Voka Magazine door Katrien Verrycken… Continue Reading

Visit FLUIDDA’s ERS booth and learn all about lung structure and function

At this year’s ERS, the FLUIDDA team will demonstrate how Functional Respiratory Imaging can be of value in clinical practice via the Broncholab platform. Unique insights into lung structure and function obtained and validated in clinical trials facilitate the pathway to better treatment in asthma COPD IPF CF Lung transplantation. Location: European Respiratory Society Conference… Continue Reading

FLUIDDA’s FRI technology will shine throughout ERS 2017

As the European Respiratory Society Conference is approaching rapidly, FLUIDDA is proud to announce that a total of 9 abstracts will be presented, highlighting the power of Functional Respiratory Imaging (FRI). FRI capabilities will be presented over a range of applications including: drug delivery optimization bronchodilation and non-invasive ventilation in COPD bronchoconstriction in asthma disease… Continue Reading

Study demonstrates validity and utility of FRI-based V/Q

Exciting new results will be presented at the upcoming European Respiratory Society Conference in Milan from 9-13 September! The primary function of the respiratory system is the transfer oxygen from the environment into the blood stream of a individual. Consequently in a healthy subject the regional ventilation in the lungs is well matched to the… Continue Reading