Change in airway volume, measured with FRI, differentiates between stable and progressive IPF.

This study will be presented at ERS 2019 at a thematic poster session on Sunday September 29 between 12.50 pm and 2.40 pm.

In a retrospective imaging analysis study, FRI ( Functional Respiratory Imaging )compared CT scans of IPF (Ideopathic Pulmonary Fibrosis) patients from two cohorts. 12 treatment-naïve IPF patients were sequentially identified at a tertiary IPF center as stable (absolute FVC decline <10%) or progressive (≥10%) between 2 CT time points.


Results showed significant (p<0.05) differences between the two cohorts in specific airway volume (siVaw) in both central and distal airways. Total siVaw increased by 30% in the progressive vs. an 11% decrease in stable group (p=0.0002). Regression found several correlations with FVC change including Total siVaw (R2 0.39).

Airway volume may be an important parameter in IPF progression and shows interesting correlations with FVC. This parameter could monitor disease course for patients and act as endpoints for future IPF clinical trials.

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