CIRO and FLUIDDA join forces in pursuit of better patient care

At the recent European Respiratory Society conference in Milan a collaboration between CIRO and FLUIDDA materialized in an effort to enhance the rehabilitation of COPD patients. The care of COPD patients is challenging due to the vast heterogeneity of the disease. Especially the severe COPD patients are often difficult to manage and require intensive care and rehabilitation. Current diagnostic tools, including conventional lung function tests, lack the ability to capture regional lung structure and function. Functional Respiratory Imaging, a proprietary technology developed by FLUIDDA, is well suited to describe regional aspects of the pathophysiology and therefore has the potential to improve patient care through better disease staging and monitoring of treatment efficacy.

Dr Jan De Backer, CEO FLUIDDA, states: “We are very excited and proud to enter into this collaboration with Prof. Wouters and CIRO. We share the vision that the medical field, and particularly respiratory medicine, needs to evolve towards personalised, precision medicine through a value-based healthcare approach. We are confident that advanced imaging techniques, such as our Functional Respiratory Imaging methods, can add value in this regard.”

About CIRO: CIRO is specialized in the treatment of patients with chronic conditions including COPD and asthma, heart failure and sleep related breathing disorders.  Personalized treatment trajectories are one of the core pillars of CIRO.

Dr De Backer, CEO FLUIDDA (left) and Prof Wouters, Managing Director CIRO (right)



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