Management Team

The management team of FLUIDDA includes the following highly qualified individuals:

Jan De Backer, MSc, PhD, MBA – CEO

janDr. De Backer graduated from Delft University of Technology, The Netherlands as aerospace engineer. He attained an MSc degree in aerodynamics and specialised in applied biomedical computational fluid dynamics leading to a PhD from the University of Antwerp, Belgium. He is an alumnus of the MBA programs at London Business School, London and Columbia Business School, New York. Dr. De Backer has received several awards for his innovative research in the field of airway modeling in respiratory and sleep medicine. His work has been published in international journals. Dr. De Backer founded FLUIDDA in 2005 and he holds the position as Chief Executive Officer since 2007.

Cedric Van Holsbeke, MSc, PhD – CTO

cedricDr. Van Holsbeke received MSc degrees in both automation and biomedical engineering at Ghent University, Belgium. While holding the position as research engineer at FLUIDDA, he obtained a PhD in engineering science at the same university. His main interests lie within continuous process optimization with a large focus on automated quality control. The work of his team has led to various publications in international peer-reviewed journals and has been awarded on multiple occasions. Since 2017 Dr. Van Holsbeke is Chief Technology Officer at FLUIDDA and is currently enrolled in the Executive MBA program at Vlerick Business School.

Glenn Leemans, MSc – COO

Glenn Leemans obtained his MSc in Physiotherapy in 2009 from the Artesis Plantijn University College Antwerp, Belgium. He then joined the academic staff at the Rehabilitation Sciences & Physiotherapy Department at the University of Antwerp in the field of respiratory physiotherapy. While being active at an academic level, he also worked as a clinician from 2009 until 2017 in the Respiratory Medicine Department at Antwerp University Hospital. In this role, he coordinated the different care programs and their interdisciplinary teams, taught students and caregivers, and promoted clinical research collaboration. He has published several articles in international scientific journals. Since 2018, Glenn Leemans has joined FLUIDDA as Chief Operating Officer where he has been supervising the departments of Clinical Operations, Planning & Support, and Quality Assurance.

Joris Noreillie, MSc, MBA – CFO

Mr. Noreillie received MSc degrees in both Economics and Finance at Antwerp University, Belgium. While working as Business Controller and Finance Director for ECEMEA at Baxter, he obtained an MBA from Vlerick Business School.

Since 2015, his interest has shifted from large corporations to start-ups and scale-ups. His main interests lie in corporate finance, internationalization and financial management of high-growth companies. Mr. Noreillie has a track record of successful capital raises and managing financials in rapidly changing environments. He has been working as Chief Financial Officer at FLUIDDA since November 2017 for both NV and Inc.