Visualisation FRI study – Effect lung deposition by adding an Aerochamber when using a pMDI in COPD

Evaluations of inhaler use have demonstrated that mishandling of pMDIs (Pressurized Meter Dose Inhalers) is commonplace.

One of the most common errors is the failure to coordinate inhalation with actuation of the inhaler. One of the reasons why VHCs (Valved Holding Chambers) are often prescribed is to reduce the severity of this error.

A study using  Functional Respiratory Imaging (FRI) assessed the likely severity of a short inhalation delay (from actuation) with a pMDI alone and how it contrasted to the use with a VHC.

The results can be viewed in this commercial movie from Monaghan Medical corporation:  

A summary of the study can be found here:

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