Smaller, faster and cost efficient clinical trials


Is your company dealing with drug development or medical device development in the respiratory field?
Fluidda enables companies to go faster by optimizing test conditions
and relying on a huge worldwide database, collected over 15 years.

1. Delivery

Take control of your drug delivery processes by efficiently evaluating every aerosol deposition scenario and simulating reality

2. Clinical

Describe your patients’ lungs comprehensively. Characterize disease progression accurately. Analyze and monitor treatment or therapy efficiency in a fast and cost-beneficial way. Allow our state-of-the-art approach to bring your clinical trials into the twenty-first century.

3. Scientific

Translate complex scientific study results into intuitive and understandable visualizations to simplify your communication to all stakeholders.

1. Delivery Optimization

FRI deposition is an in-silico technology to assess the transport of inhaled compounds in the respiratory system. It uses computational fluid dynamics calculations in combination with patient-specific airway and lung geometries to provide regional deposition metrics of aerosols and powders. It can be used to create insights in how a certain compound, delivered using a certain device, behaves in a certain patient population and how sensitive this behavior is to different variables. FRI’s patient specific nature and core characteristics make it the ideal alternative to scintigraphy, providing similar results in a more time and cost-effective manner without the need of active patient recruitment.

  • Assess an infinity of different scenarios (including anatomic, physiologic, and physicochemical variables) in a fast and easy way​
  • Investigate various particle characterizations / disease populations / devices in a controlled environment
  • Assess in a very early stage the influence of disease on aerosol deposition​
  • Assess in an easy way how the aerosol deposition is influenced by the way the patient inhales

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2. Clinical trials

Fluidda’s clinically proven Functional Respiratory Imaging (FRI) technology provides the industry with the most sensitive respiratory image-based biomarkers resulting in:

  • More detailed insights into lungs and airways in any respiratory disease with regard to exposure, structure and function, compared to conventional endpoints
  • Up to 16 times fewer patients required in clinical trials compared to conventional endpoints
  • Smaller clinical trials that are faster and more cost-efficient to establish significant results when compared to conventional endpoints.

Fluidda also provides you with contract research services as a one-stop-shop  tailored to your needs in collaboration with dedicated partners.

By combining our sensitive image-based biomarker with extensive experience in the management of respiratory clinical trials, we can help you overcome your challenges:

  • detecting clinically relevant differences between therapies
  • the difficulty to obtain conclusive results in highly variable, less controllable real-life situations
  • improving the value proposition of your product

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3. Scientific visualization

Scientific visualizations

put meaningful data with attractive visuals at the center of your communication and use actual scientific patient data that is intuitive to all your stakeholders. Overcome the difficulty of translating complicated, scientific study results into meaningful visualization through the use of FRI.

  • Get a better grasp on the numbers with clear, realistic visuals
  • Convince your stakeholders of study results by means of visualization, using real scientific data for individual patients
  • Prepare impressive promotional materials that are intuitive, meaningful, and scientifically correct
  • Combine any clinical trial using FRI directly with scientific marketing

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Fluidda offers turnkey contract research services, in collaboration with their dedicated partners, to help clients manage their clinical trials for the development of a drug and/or medical device.



Fewer patients needed to obtain clinically significant results.


Smaller sample size in clinical trials leads to earlier “ go to market”.


Smaller and faster clinical trials lead to reduction in time and expenses.


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De-risking clinical trials with FRI, an innovative technology leading to operational excellence ‘Fluidda’s state-of-the-art technology quantifies deposition regionally, and visualizes the lungs realistically.


“Fluidda’s techniques and insights
to the subject were outstanding.
We were delighted with the science
and collaboration we had with Fluidda.“

Mark Milton
Edwards Global Director Respiratory of, TEVA

“Great support team of Fluidda –
hands on training for all clinical
sites making sure the study teams
and radiology technicians
are well trained!
Key for the study success!”

Ahmet Tutuncu
Executive Vice President, Respivant

“The collaboration with Fluidda gave us
valuable insights into the performance
of our products.“

Andy Clark
Chief Technology Officer, Novartis

“Fluidda’s technology is an important
tool which helps bridge data from in vitro
and in vivo studies.“

Dr. Paul M. Dorinsky
Head Global Respiratory Clinical Development, Cipla

Healthcare provider?

Healthcare provider?

Fluidda assists radiologists and pneumologists to optimize the respiratory patient’s treatment.

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FRI stands for Functional Respiratory Imaging. The FRI process consist of three phases. Want to learn more? 

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