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Fluidda is the world leader in the field of Functional Respiratory Imaging. This technique combines HRCT scans and Computational Fluid Dynamics technology, which offers vast improvements by making clinical trials shorter, faster and thus, more cost effective.

FRI also helps patients and healthcare providers in offering a unique entry point in personalized medicine, by optimizing diagnosis, monitoring disease progression and the effects of therapy. Fluidda is both a CRO services company and a partner of healthcare professionals by offering worldwide evidence for better respiratory treatment.

Our mission is to optimize treatment pathways, reduce healthcare costs and to limit the go-to-market time of respiratory drugs, pulmonology medical devices and therapies.


is all about understanding lung pathology and physiology

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With one person dying every minute from a respiratory condition, patients with pulmonary diseases deserve better, faster and less costly treatments. At Fluidda, we are leading the way in a world where the quality of air is under stress.

Our aim is to optimize treatment pathways, reduce healthcare costs, bring therapies to the market faster and move toward value-based healthcare. Our FRI technology will help patients worldwide to breathe the air!


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- Recent data on COVID-19 and COPD
- Make clinical trials smaller, faster, and more cost-effective
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Fluidda can speed up your respiratory drug development or medical device development and derisk clinical trials.


Learn how Fluidda assists radiologists and pulmonologists with treatment optimization for respiratory patients.

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Fluidda helps Firefighters

Californian firefighters are exposed to repeated, intense wildfire smoke, and the long term effects are still unknown. FiGHT is a non-profit charity campaign aiming at screening firefighters and first responders for lung diseases that might be present but are not yet reflected in standard of care (spirometry) or symptoms.

Fluidda’s Functional Respiratory Imaging technology combined with artificial intelligence allows patient-specific treatment to be assigned. Discover how Fluidda supports firefighters on