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MedImprove, a multidisciplinary medical center for respiratory revalidation which makes use of Fluidda’s propietary FRI technology, was featured in a recent publication of the Belgian daily newspaper ” De Standaard”.

A new innovative imaging technique makes it possible to treat and monitor people with lung disorders in a very targeted and efficient manner.

(Source: “De Standaard”, Belgian Daily Newspaper, December 10, 2022)

Holistic and personalized rehabilitation

Prof. De Backer: “Medimprove is a multidisciplinary medical centre with academically qualified physiotherapists and nurses that mainly focuses on respiratory rehabilitation. We are strongly committed to innovative techniques to arrive at a holistic and personalized approach in which we look at what is wrong per patient and how we can remedy this in a targeted manner. We use an innovative imaging technique for this, developed by a Belgian biotech company named Fluidda.”

Revolutionary imaging offers new possibilities

“This imaging gives us very detailed information about the regional condition of the airways and lung tissues for each patient. In addition, this technology is far more sensitive than the traditional lung function tests. In the case of an intervention, we can therefore see much faster whether a deterioration or improvement occurs. This results in enormous time savings, but also financial gains, because, for example, expensive medication that isn’t effective can be discontinued earlier”, explains Prof. The Backer.

“In addition, this technology even allows us to map the deposition of inhaled products. This way we can examine if inhaled particles end up at the desired places in the lung. If this is not the case, then this allows us to optimize inhalation therapy using other inhalation systems or products”.

Targeted approach to chronic lung diseases

Prof. De Backer: “In chronic lung diseases such as severe COPD, a personalized approach provides stabilization and even an improvement. In this way we avoid further flare-ups, declining of health condition and hospital admissions. Thanks to Fluidda’s technology, we can clearly identify the main component of the problem, since we look at both the airways and the circulatory system of the lungs. Based on this, we opt for a certain combination of oxygen therapy, exercise rehabilitation and pharmacological treatment.

 Crucial link in the fight against lung COVID

“Fluidda’s imaging also allows us also to map the vascular component of lung COVID patients. They often have problems with their small blood vessels in the lungs that we can reopen through exercise rehabilitation. Rehabilitation must then be properly geared to what the patient can handle. This technology helps to determine that.

Most patients improve in health condition sometimes back to normal after three months,” Prof. De Backer states.

You can read the full article in dutch here:

MedImprove – Multidisciplinary medical center for respiratory revalidation

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