FRI Research – Effect of posture on airflow distribution, airway geometry and air velocity

In a recent publication in BMC Pulmonary Medicine (2022) 22:477, Ides et all. Investigated how body positioning can affect the regional distribution of lung ventilation and blood flow in healthy subjects.

Correct body positioning is a potential tool to improve regional ventilation, thereby possibly enhancing the effect of respiratory physiotherapy interventions. In a proof-of-concept study, functional respiratory imaging (FRI) was used to objectively assess effects of body position on regional airflow distribution in the lungs.

It was concluded that changing body position leads to significant changes in regional lung ventilation, objectively assessed by FRI.

The volume based on the imaging parameters in the dependent lung is smaller in the lateral position than in the supine position.  In right lateral decubitus position, airflow distribution is greater in dependent lung compared to the nondependent lung

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