Fluidda Magazine #3 – Improving healthcare in a post-pandemic world

“In the respiratory space, the use of technology is still at a fairly low level. The gold standard is still spirometry.  It is time to reassess and see if technology can be used in a way that really improves the lives of patients. With that aim, Fluidda’s FRI technology reconstructs a 3D map of the lungs from CT scans, which can inform physicians on disease states, efficacy of medications, and more.”

These are the words of Dr. Jan De Backer, CEO of Fluidda.

In an article, published in Fluidda Magazine #3, he explains how Functional Respiratory Imaging technology, and especially the new Broncholab® application can help pulmonologists and radiologists to improve diagnosis and treatment of individual lung patients.

You can read the full article here:

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