Fluidda Magazine #4 – FRI in Critical Care

FRI in critical care: challenges and opportunities

Functional Respiratory Imaging (FRI) did not have a place in critical care before the COVID-19 pandemic, but as healthcare systems were overloaded with an unprecedented number of patients, new technologies and solutions became more desirable. In this article, published in Fluidda Magazine #3, Dr. Daniel Salerno, a pulmonologist specialized in critical care at Temple University, highlights that as new FRI data become available, this technology can play a more significant role in critical care of respiratory patients, both with COVID-19 infections and beyond.

According to Salerno, the application of FRI is not limited to COVID-19 infections: it can also inform the treatment of other lung diseases, for example, in acute respiratory distress syndrome (ARDS). Analyses with FRI could help explain why oxygenation is more difficult in some of the individuals with ARDS.

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Daniel Salerno

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