Drug delivery and lung deposition using the Aerosphere™ inhaler, a study performed with FRI technology.

Metered dose inhalers (MDI’s) are one of the most common device types for delivering inhaled therapies. However, there are several technical challenges in development and drug delivery of these medications.

In a recent study by Usmani et al. a new inhaler, the Aerosphere™ , was investigated on drug delivery and deposition. The Aerosphere inhaler, combines drug crystals with porous phospholipid particles to create stable, homogenous suspensions that dissolve once they reach the airways.

Combination therapies delivered with this technology show a consistent fine particle fraction and an optimal particle size distribution for delivery to the central and peripheral airways even when multiple drugs are delivered via the same inhaler. Studies using gamma scintigraphy and functional respiratory imaging (FRI) have demonstrated that medication is effectively deposited in the central and peripheral airways, and provides clinically meaningful benefits on airway volume and resistance throughout the lung.

The co-suspension delivery technology used in the Aerosphere inhaler has overcome many of the traditional challenges in MDI formulation and allowed for the development of combination therapies for COPD with improved stability and homogeneity compared with traditional suspension formulations.

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