FRI – Understanding the link between pulmonary vasculature abnormalities and DCLO in COVID-19

FRI used to understand the link between pulmonary vasculature abnormalities and DCLO in COVID-19

In a recent article, Prof Daniel Salerno, Prof Victor Kim and colleagues used Functional Respiratory Imaging to better understand the crucial link between DLCO and Pulmonary Vascular Abnormalities in COVID19.

COVID-19 is a respiratory viral illness causing pneumonia and systemic disease. Abnormalities in pulmonary function tests infection have been described. The determinants of these abnormalities are still unclear.

38 subjects were included in the study.  CT images were evaluated by Functional Respiratory Imaging with automated tissue segmentation algorithms of the lungs and pulmonary vasculature. The diffusion capacity of carbon monoxide (DLCO) was obtained.

It was concluded that abnormalities in pulmonary vascular volumes at the time of hospitalization were independently associated with a low DLCO at follow-up. There was no relationship between inflammatory biomarkers during hospitalization and DLCO. Pulmonary vascular abnormalities during hospitalization for COVID-19 may serve as a biomarker for abnormal gas transfer after COVID-19 pneumonia.


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