Fluidda’s investigational network of FRI sites

Fluidda’s investigational FRI sites are located all over the world, enhancing clinical research with FRI locally.

Fluidda is the world leader in the field of Functional Respiratory Imaging. This technique combines HRCT scans, Computational Fluid Dynamics and Artificial Intelligence technology, which offers vast improvements by making clinical trials shorter, faster and more cost effective.

As HRCT scanning is becoming more and more “common practice” in the diagnostics of lung diseases, Fluidda is also increasingly involved in optimizing the treatment of individual patients with complex pathology and thus acting as a  gateway to personalized medicine.

Over the course of 15 years, Fluidda has built a vast network of well-trained hospitals to conduct FRI-based research of lung diseases.

At the moment close to 200 hospitals in 60 countries are available for FRI-based research, as visualized in this animation:

Are you interested in becoming a Fluidda investigational FRI site, or in conducting an Investigator Initiated Trial using FRI technology, contact us at [email protected] or visit us at the ATS conference, May 15-20 in Philadelphia, booth # 1527.

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