Webinar – Lessons learned from the COVID-19 crisis

Lessons learned from the COVID-19 crisis.

This is the title of a webinar Fluidda and Chiesi will broadcast on July 1st at 8 pm CET for interested pulmonologists and other HCP’s on recent research data concerning COVID-19, using Functional Respiratory Imaging (FRI) technology.


– The new Pulmonary Vascular Density FRI-Biomarker: An important parameter in determining V/Q mismatch in lung diseases. – Dr Jan De Backer, CEO Fluidda

– Managing the non-intubated COVID-19 with CT outcome parameters – Dr. Muriel Lins, Pulmonologist St Maarten, Mechelen, Belgium

– FRI in Covid-19 and IPF. Investigations of different diseases with the same technology. – Dr. Muhunthan Thillai, Pulmonologist Papworth Hospital, Cambridge University,UK

– Ventilation/Perfusion mismatch in COVID-19 – Dr. Bruno Hochhegger, Radiotherapist Pontifícia Universidade Católica do Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil

– Q & A

Registrations for the webinar can be made here:

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