BVX scans with COVID-patients – Delta Hospital

Delta Hospital uses new imaging technology for better triage and optimal treatment of COVID-19 patients.

Due to the very large number of Corona patients who now report daily for hospitalization, it is becoming increasingly important to only admit those patients to an Intensive Care Unit who will benefit most from this, as the number of beds is limited. AZ Delta Hospital is the first Belgian hospital to make structural use of Functional Respiratory Imaging to organize the treatment of all COVID-19 patients as efficiently and optimally as possible.

The technology – currently applied in several clinical studies – demonstrates the importance of the small blood vessels in the lungs of COVID-19 patients, so that it can be used to determine the best treatment for each individual patient. Our research has shown that small blood vessel volume is severely impaired in COVID-19 subjects, and analysis has shown that investigating the blood vessel volume in these smaller vessels is predictive of intubation and mortality. This allows doctors to make more informed decisions, and by using FRI imaging the hospital hopes to be able to provide optimal care to the still increasing number of people who have contracted a COVID-19 infection.  

The Functional Respiratory Imaging is a quantitative imaging technology, developed by the Flemish company Fluidda,  and its parameters have been fine-tuned to analyze vasculature in great detail during the first COVID-19 outbreak.

The press release of the Delta University hospital can be read here: and the translation in English here:

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