TV News Show – January 14th – FRI in COVID-19 longhaulers

FRI on PBS news hour: Medical community scrambles to understand COVID-19 ‘long haulers’

During a news item on PBS news hour, January 13, COVID-19 “long haulers” were discussed.

Long haulers are COVID-19 patients who are not fully recovered, their symptoms run the gamut, from shortness of breath, to heart palpitations, to extreme fatigue.

Doctor William Li, a vascular biologist from Cambridge Massachusetts started a study on long-haulers, and was interviewed by PBS news hour. Dr. Li thinks this long hauler syndrome has a vascular component, an autoimmune component, inflammation, and a neurological component.

During his investigations he noticed that CT-scans of the lungs of (ex) COVID-patients, interpreted by radiologists were at times considered completely normal. But when using FRI-technology to analyze the CT-scans, he found that acute small blood vessels of the lung still showed substantial abnormalities.

Long haulers is a real and quite extensive phenomenon with still more questions than answers that need to be investigated with urgency.

The whole news item can be seen here.

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