Novel FRI parameter analyzing the pulmonary vascular bed accurately predicts outcomes in COVID-19 disease, and can be decisive in choice of therapy.

In a recent publication in the European Respiratory Journal (ERJ) by Morris et al. a retrospective analysis was performed of chest CT scans of 313 COVID-19 positive and 195 COVID-19 negative patients seeking acute medical care.

From the study it became clear that abnormalities in the vasculature analyzed with #FRI in acute #Covid19 subjects are predictive of intubation and mortality. By taking a CT scan and analyzing the pulmonary vasculature of patients coming into the hospital, we enable the staff to be better informed on severity of disease and the need for a hospital bed.

Moreover, in an optimal setting it takes 20 minutes for a scan analysis to be returned to the physician.

Explaining the importance and implications of this publication was the subject of a webcast with some of the authors, broadcasted March 17. 

The webcast can be seen here: 

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