Fluidda interviewed in “Precision Medicine” issue Pharma Focus Asia

In the latest issue of the magazine Pharma Focus Asia, dedicated to precision medicine and personalizing health outcomes, the founders of Fluidda were interviewed.

In this interview titled: “ Functional Respiratory imaging, an innovation at the right time “ , they explain that the gold standard thus far for diagnosis of lung diseases, namely spirometry, is unable to differentiate between pulmonary disease phenotypes, but that FRI has this ability. FRI can show the anatomy of the airways and blood vessels in the lungs and the flow of air through them at millimeter-level resolution, and already proved to be an important new diagnostic to predict the outcomes of COVID-19 infections.

They also discuss the added value of Fluidda’s new diagnostic support tool called Broncholab, which is recently cleared by the FDA.

You can read the complete interview here:

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