Fluidda Amongst Top Medical Imaging Providers 2021

Healthcare Tech Outlook, a leading Healthcare technology print magazine, which provides a knowledge network for Healthcare Industry experts, awarded Fluidda as a “Top Ten” Medical Imaging Provider of the year 2021. This annual listing consists of companies that are at the forefront of providing novel medical Imaging solutions that are impacting the industry. In an interview with Fluidda’s CEO Jan De Backer, published in the latest issue of Healthcare Tech Outlook Magazine, is explained why FLUIDDA is awarded with this prestigious nomination.

A quote from this article:

One of the most innovative methods currently creating waves of change in the field is

functional respiratory imaging (FRI): a set of technologically enabled techniques to help

provide a new dimension of visibility when diagnosing any complications concerning

lung diseases. It combines the conventional methods of medical imaging such as CT scans

with more modern, digitalized processes. With the help of this emerging technology,

doctors are empowered to better observe airways, blood vessels, lung volumes, and

several other anatomical structures with more precision and clarity, resulting in a significantly enhanced level of patient care. One company, in particular, FLUIDDA , is further

bolstering FRI innovation with its dedicated research and product development to help provide highly valuable and actionable information pertaining to the inner workings of a lung patient’s respiratory system.”


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