CityBiz Interview with Jan De Backer – CEO of Fluidda

On the 23rd of May, Jan De Backer – CEO of Fluidda had an interview with Edwin Warfield – CEO of Citybiz.

Interview questions:

Introduction | Please provide an introduction to Fluidda? Employees, locations, products. What is a clinical research services company?

Respiratory Imaging in the Age of Covid | Can you explain the complexity of lung diseases and current diagnostic capabilities? What are the weaknesses of conventional CT scans? Can you explain functional respiratory imaging?

Impact | Please explain the potential impact on asthma and other respiratory diseases? How is Fluidda impacting drug development?

Machine Learning | What role does machine learning play in technology?

Personalized Medicine | How is Fluidda part of personalized medicine?

Experience | How many clinical centers have been trained worldwide? Clinical studies in disease characterization and therapy analysis?

Spinout | Tell us about how Fluidda was spun off out of the University of Antwerp?

Milestones | You have been CEO of Fluidda for 15 years. Can you share some of the major milestones?

FDA | In 2020 the US Food and Drug Administration provides market clearance to Fluidda for its Broncholab platform.

Capital | How has Fluidda been funded to date? Can you tell us about the partnership with Materialise?

Growth | What are the growth plans for Fluidda?

Learn more about Fluidda and FRI technology.

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