FRI assessment of Glycopyrrolate and FF pMDIs using co-delivery technology in COPD

New published article: FRI assessment of glycopyrrolate and formoterol fumarate pMDI formulations using co-suspension delivery technology in COPD.

Understanding lungs and lung diseases has never been more important than in these COVID-19 times. Spirometry has been largely unavailable during the pandemic and is known to have limited sensitivity. In this study in COPD-patients, Functional Respiratory Imaging was used as an alternative to understand the effects of glycopyrrolate versus fomoterol. The study showed the enhanced sensitivity of FRI to describe lung diseases and the effects of treatments.

Both GP MDI and FF MDI significantly improved siRaw and siVaw at day 15 versus baseline. FRI endpoints demonstrated increased sensitivity relative to spirometry and body plethysmography in detecting differences between treatments in a small number of patients. Intra-patient differences in treatment response between the LAMA and the LABA provide further support for the benefit of dual bronchodilator therapies.

Fluidda is rapidly deploying FRI to fight the Coronavirus pandemic and is hopeful that we can make a meaningful difference in the short term.

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