The Perfect Storm

Time for a paradigm shift in lung function research?

The golden age of pulmonary function testing began in the 1920s, driven by the increasing prevalence of occupational lung disease and resulting interest in thoracic surgery that required assessment of preoperative respiratory fitness.

Now, 100 years later, conventional lung function testing, such as FEV1 and FVC are still widely used, although they only provide information on the entire lung.

With the development of novel techniques such as CT, clinicians can obtain information about specific regions of the lungs, allowing for improved personalized treatment and more precise clinical research on the development of new therapies for lung disease.

CT is now possible at relatively low cost and radiation levels. Artificial intelligence makes it possible to perform fast and accurate calculations of new biomarkers.

FLUIDDA’s Functional Respiratory Imaging (FRI) technology can make clinical trials smaller, faster and more cost efficient, and improves personalized medicine of patients with severe lung disease.

FRI provides local information on both perfusion as ventilation.

Therefore, the time is right for a perfect storm of change in respiratory medicine. 

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