FLUIDDA’s Online Site Training Course For Clinical Research Sites

Fluidda’s Online Site Training Course For Clinical Research Sites goes ” LIVE” 

For years Fluidda educates pulmonologists and CT-scanning personnel “on site” how to perform HRCT-scans that can be used in Clinical Trials using FRI-technology.

Because of the fast expanding number of sites to be trained for the increasing number of clinical trials, and the COVID-19 restrictions on travelling, Fluidda developed an “Online Site Training Course” to remotely instruct site personnel. This course will go ” live” during the second half of October.

This Online Course makes it possible to train sites in a much more efficient way, and will result in improving quality of scans and speeding up clinical trials.

The course is developed in collaboration with the ACCO company, who has a big track record in developing e-learnings for the medical profession.

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