The added value of FRI, explained by Dr. Muhunthan Thillai

Dr. Muhunthan Thillai is a pulmonologist at Cambridge University, specialized in pulmonary fibrosis; and co-founder and CEO of Qur8, an imaging platform for analyzing large clinical sets of data. He is highly interested in functional respiratory imaging (FRI) and uses it often in his research.

In the interview attached, Dr. Thillai emphasizes the added value of FRI compared with more conventional techniques measuring lung function and volume: “FRI can’t replace those techniques but FRI adds an important dimension and allows you to monitor the lung regionally to see whether the disease is improving, stabilizing or deteriorating. FRI offers improved visualization of airways, blood vessels and other anatomical structures and provides detailed information not only about lung and lobar volumes, but also on airway resistance, internal airflow distribution, aerosol deposition, nodule volume, and many other variables.”

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