Broncholab® Platform Obtains CE Certificate

In June 2022, Fluidda obtained a CE Certificate for its Broncholab platform and can be used by physicians in all countries of the European Union, Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway.

Broncholab® provides a number of Functional Respiratory Imaging (FRI) parameters to physicians via an online platform to assist in diagnosing and monitoring of respiratory diseases.

Quantitative HRCT techniques such as FRI yields more accurate regional information than conventional tests. This is clinically relevant for enabling early adjustment to therapy and to optimize treatments for individual patients.

Dr. Jan De Backer, Fluidda’s CEO, states:

“Functional Respiratory Imaging has been used in clinical trials for many years and has proven its value time and time again. Broncholab now extends these capabilities into clinical practice which is a tremendous step forward in our quest for better respiratory care. We are living in a time where respiratory viruses cause significant disruption to daily life with high associated cost. We are striving to better understand respiratory illnesses with our novel technology to be more prepared for the next viral outbreak and to deal with the increased number of patients with lung diseases worldwide.”

Broncholab achieves CE Certificate

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